Computer hacking takes on a whole new meaning when you're going at it with a hacksaw and screwdriver. Using the dead computers and electronics that we all have lying around the house and have no idea what to do with, or even how to get rid of properly, Randy Sarafan shows you how to make a slew of amazing new creations. Learn to make such things as an iMac terrarium, a laptop digital photo frame, your first Squiggle Bot, a QWERTY Hair Tie and a flat-screen ant farm.

Each project has complete, step-by-step instructions and is rated by difficulty in a thorough first chapter. All of the tools and skills needed to take apart electronics safely and the knowledge you need to be quickly on your way is covered in a thorough introductory chapter. The book is then arranged by use, from stuff for the house, to fashion, toys, arts and crafts, items for pets, and more. In no time you will be turning your dead computers, printers, cell phones, iPods and keyboards from trash into treasure.